Crystal Infused Body Oil Amethyst Roller Ball

Crystal Infused Body Oil Amethyst Roller Ball

These adorable rollerballs are perfect as on the go stress tamers! The roller ball applicator is a genuine amethyst stone for ultimate grounding and healing. Organic skin-soothing oils combined with aromatic essential oils create deeply moisturizing, fragrant body elixirs suitable for all skin types. Each oil, infused with healing powers of genuine crystals, will clear your chakras and promote your well-being. The non-greasy, quick-absorbing oil will leave your skin feeling hydrated and pampered.

0.34 fl. oz / 10ml

The meditative powers of genuine amethyst crystals benefit the mind, body and spirit enhancing meditation, intuition and breaking free from bad habits. Lavender, rosemary, peppermint and lemon oils improve mental clarity, promoting balance and peace.

AROMATHERAPY: Peace, Balance, Healing
Lemon - improves mood, enhances concentration, increases energy
Rosemary - mental stimulant, memory booster, antidepressant, enhances overall brain performance 
Peppermint - enhances mental alertness, improves mood, sharpens focus, increases energy
Grapefruit - uplifting, soothing, clarifying, brings feelings of peace and relaxation, reduces brain fog
Lavender - relaxing, calming, relieves stress, aids in sleep

Organic Hemp Seed Oil - moisturizes and protects skin; rich in vitamins A and E, lipids, minerals and anti-oxidants; won't clog pores
Organic Sweet Almond Oil - high in vitamin E which keeps skin cells healthy, protects from UV radiation damage, and keeps skin soft, and free of fine lines
Organic Sunflower Oil - emollient, rich in anti-oxidants, high in beta carotene to fight signs of aging, soothing and anti-inflammatory


Roll the genuine crystal roller ball directly onto skin. 

Meditate and relax: 
Massage into temples. Breathe deeply with eyes closed to fully enjoy aromatherapeutic properties of carefully selected essential oils.