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Hello All, 


My name is Arifa, 


I grew up in Queens NY and moved to Long Island when I was thirteen. I always had a passion for beauty. I grew up around it, I was always surrounded by it and into it. 


The journey definitely began during my childhood years. I was always surrounded by makeup and skin care my mom would leave around the house, and I just thought that stuff was the coolest thing on the planet... well, I still do. I was so obsessed with lipsticks I would smudge them all over my face at a young age. Something about colors and textures I just loved. In our Queens home, my mom and Dad had an off white carpet in their bedroom... unfortunately that carpet was intensely stained with all kinds of products from my sister and I playing with makeup. 


As soon as I graduated high school I couldn’t wait to pursue makeup artistry as a profession. I took a quick makeup course and became certified in makeup, Later on I attended private University and graduated with a Bachelor in Business. I then created my  brand Ari.Beauty from scratch. 


I just knew Beauty was for me and some day I would take it to the next level. Passion and loving what you do is so important to me. Love Ari. 

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